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Pro Shot UV Bore Light Illuminator Lava Red

Pro Shot UV Bore Light Illuminator Lava Red
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Pro Shot UV Bore Light Illuminator Lava Red

Great for checking your barrels for cleanliness and wear.  Put the small end in the chamber area and hold the top of the “J”.  Neon light will be fiber optically transferred into the bore for inspection. Fast and Easy way to check barrels for cleaning or wear. Insert the short end of the UV Bore Light Illuminatorinto the firearm chamber and watch the fiberoptic tool light up your bore for inspection. No batteries needed, our UV Bore Ligh. tIlluminators are ready anytime, whetheryou are at home or in the field!

  •     Fits in Most Handgun and Rifle Chambers
  •     Can be Used as a Chamber Flag for Most Calibers
  •     Illuminates Bore with Ambient Light
  •     Illumination can be Enhanced by Flashlight
  •     Made in the USA


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