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EGW 10368 Oversize Firing Pin Stop 9/38/40 SS

SKU: EGW-10368-SS

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EGW 10368 Oversize Firing Pin Stop 9/38/40 SS
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EGW Oversize Firing Pin Stop SS 9/38/40

Material: Stainless Steel

EGW firing pin stops are wider than normal to prevent extractor from turning, which leads to more reliable ejection. Also, the firing pin stop is thicker to eliminate lateral movement.

The inside corners are radiused to prevent cracking so the part lasts longer. The back corner has a .015 radius to break the corner but maintains a square edge to slow the slide opening.

This part is not drop-in. It is oversized, and must be fit, in order to provide the customer with the benefits stated above.


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