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Double Alpha Academy Max Holster Right Hand CZ Shadow 2/SP-01/75/Tanfoglio Stock II Black


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Double Alpha Academy Max Holster Right Hand CZ Shadow 2/SP-01/75/Tanfoglio Stock II Black
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Double Alpha Academy MAX Holster

FITS: CZ Shadow 2/CZ SP-01/75/Tanfoglio II


A true innovation in holster design, the DAA MAX Holster is the result of decades of competition experience and over a year of development. DAA had set out with the goal of creating the best possible Closed Body Competition holster, one that would meet the legal requirements of all USPSA divisions without compromising adjustability or performance.

The Hanger of the DAA MAX Holster is made of aluminum and steel, to create a strong and rigid hanger that will keep your holster in place – while allowing for a huge range of adjustability. The central ball joint assembly can slide up or down a pair of stainless-Steel rods, giving shooters a wide range of height adjustment. The ball-joint enables you to tilt and rotate the holster to your chosen position, and locks it firmly in place using the same tried and tested clamp design borrowed from the Alpha-X Race Holster. The large M6 lock-up bolt can be accessed while the holster is worn, allowing  you to adjust the holster/pistol position while it’s on your body.

The lower, rounded thigh-pad ensure comfort and support during a long day of use.

The Retention adjustment on the DAA MAX holster is truly innovative. Most closed-body holsters press down onto the gun to adjust retention. This solution is simple but not ideal as it quickly leads to wear marks on the pistol and often does not allow for enough “middle of range” retention adjustability. Those holsters are often either too loose or too tight…The DAA MAX Holster utilizes a completely different solution: The injection molded holster body does not clamp down onto the pistol, rather fitting around it with minimum clearance. Retention is achieved using spring loaded, fully adjustable roller clippers which engages onto the front end of the trigger guard. These secure the gun and providing the user a wide range of tension adjustment.

Gun Type: The CZ model is designed for the Shadow 2, but also work perfectly for the SP01, TS2 (NOT BRONZE OR GREEN), 75 and most other CZ model pistols. It is also a perfect fit for the Tanfoglio Stock-II.



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