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Double Alpha Academy SINGLE Stack Racer Magazine Pouch

Double Alpha Academy SINGLE Stack Racer Magazine Pouch
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Double Alpha Academy Single Stack Racer Magazine Pouch

The single stack Racer pouch is designed for the “Classic” division which is gaining momentum worldwide. While DAA does offer Single Stack Adaptors for their wide-body Race Master and Racer pouches, for many “die hard” single-stack fans that is not really good enough. They like the slim, classic size and feel of the single stack magazines – and carrying them in large bulky pouches, designed for magazines twice their width, does not really cut it. The problem has always been the pitifully few single stack pouches designed for competition use. You can find plenty of pouches for carry and service purposes, but a dedicated competition design for single stack? Not until now! DAA has taken their tested and proven innovative “pressure from the back” pouch design used in their Race Master and Racer lines, and adapted it for their new Single Stack Pouch. DAA has tooled a new pouch body, custom made specifically for 1911 Single Stack magazines, a pouch absolutely as slim as possible. DAA even did away with the inner side spacer, and ”hid” the head of the center screw in the side wall. The entire pouch body measures only 20 mm wide! The opening of the pouch is beveled on three sides to facilitate easier insertion of the magazine into the pouch. The slick inner surface ensures smooth consistent release. The pouch is ambidextrous and can be mounted on the adjustable belt hanger for right or left handed users. It can even be mounted at a 90 degree angle away from the body. The pouch utilizes the same belt hanger as the Racer Pouch, enjoying the solid sturdy design and rock solid angle adjustments that the hanger offers.

Please note
These single stack pouches will work only with 1911 style Single stack magazines which follow the standard external dimensions! Roughly 13.7mm 0.54” wide, and 34.8mm 1.37” from back to front.
It has come to attention that some manufacturers are shortening the front to back length of their tubes for the 9mm calibers – and these will not work in our single stack pouches!


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