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Dillon Precision Square Deal B PRE-ORDER

Dillon Precision Square Deal B PRE-ORDER
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Dillon Precision Square Deal B Reloading Press



Square Deal B Auto-Indexing Reloader

4 Station Progressive Loader:

Station 1) Resize/Deprime
Station 2) Prime/Powder Drop/Flare
Station 3) Seat
Station 4) Crimp

Loads only the listed handgun cartridges. Has an automatic indexing shellplate and auto powder / priming systems. Uses special dies. Manually fed cases and bullets.

Typical loading Rate is about 300-500 Rounds per hour. Comes complete with factory adjusted loading dies. Ready-to-use machine set up with proper primer size & shellplate installed.

Lifetime “No-B.S.” Warranty

The basic machine includes the following:

1 machine
1 powder measure with large and small powder bars (small installed)
Small bar throws from 2.1 to 15 grains of powder; Large bar throws from 15 to 60 grains of powder
1 priming system with large and small priming parts
1 early warning buzzer and rod for primer system
1 packet of tubes containing: 1 large, 1 small primer pickup tubes, 1 magazine tube, and one primer slide assembly, 1 powder measure failsafe rod assembly with bracket (13355)
3 locator buttons
1 toolhead
1 powder die
1 caliber conversion kit
1 set of carbide dies (except for 44/40)
1 spent primer cup bracket, screws and cup
1 loaded cartridge chute, screws and plastic bin
1 written instruction manual

The Square Deal B is only capable of loading the common straight walled pistol cartridges, uses a proprietary drop-in insert style die, and is a great compact reloader.

Machine height from bench is 18 1/2″.




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