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Wolff Recoil Spring 10lb Tanfoglio Stock II/III


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Wolff Recoil Spring 10lb Tanfoglio Stock II/III
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Wolff Recoil Spring Tanfoglio 10lb

For: Stock I, Stock II, Stock III

Wolff Gunsprings is the absolute leader in recoil springs and my first choice when upgrading EAA Witness/Tanfoglios. Recommendations are for long slides and are labeled accordingly, with a bonus firing pin spring inside.  Recoil springs are compatible with standard slides: using a long slide recoil spring in a standard slide adds 2lbs pressure. If you have a Steel/Poly Compact model, these recoil springs will not fit. Wolff does not yet have a recoil spring for the compact. Wolff marks all the springs with 9mm long slide, but they work with all calibers. The spring weight dictates what caliber/type of ammo you’re shooting. The Wolff springs have a different length than the factory spring, because the coil diameter (not coil length) regulates the recoil.


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