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Techwell IPSC XT Magwell Nickel Plated 1911 PRE-ORDER


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Techwell IPSC XT Magwell Nickel Plated 1911 PRE-ORDER
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Techwell IPSC XT Magwell Nickel Plated for 1911 Pistols

IPSC XT Magwell by Techwell allows you to complete lightning-fast mag changes. The Magwell has 60 second drop-in installation, requires no gunsmithing, or alterations to the frame. The upgraded Nickel Plating finish offers an elegant esthetic for the enthusiast, with considerably increased durability for the high frequency competitor. It enhances shooter’s grip and aids in fast, positive magazine changes for an edge in competition or combat. This extended magwell helps guide the magazine for fumble-free changes when seconds count, and requires no gunsmithing or frame alterations.  All Techwell System products are fully interchangeable, and removing the Techwell entirely shows only a tiny slot on the bottom of the grips.

Made from the same rugged, machined aluminum components as Techwell’s Carry, TGO, and SP models, the XT sports the largest 360 degree opening of all currently available 1911 magwells. The Techwell XT requires an extended base pad on an 8 round magazine, or a 10 round magazine. The XT Techwell is legal for use in IPSC (CLASSIC), USPSA, and IDPA (ESP and CDP Divisions) competition, and is designed to allow the pistol to easily fit into the IPSC, USPSA/IDPA “Box”. Pistols with unusually high sights, or extended base pads on the magazine may need a small amount of material removed from the leading edge of the magazine extended base pad to fit into the box. Due to fluctuations in frame manufacture, some minor fitting of the Techwell may be necessary. You will find You Tube Movie Links demonstrating both Techwell Installation and Techwell Tuning online, or by visiting the Techwell website.

SPECS: Machined aluminum. XT IPSC Magwell – .95 oz (27g), 34.85mm wide (just under the IPSC 35mm). Fits  full-size Government Model and Commander length pistol frames.




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