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Techwell G10 SureTec Slim Grips 1911

Techwell G10 SureTec Slim Grips 1911
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Techwell G10 SureTec Slim Slotted Grips 1911 Slotted for the Techwell System

Roughly 1/3 Slimmer then Standard Grips! G10 SureTec Agressive Diamond Pattern Grips are the choice of many law enforcement units, military units, and top level competitors. Their unique aggressive texture offer excellent grip in all conditions. Cut for ambi safeties; panels conceal the mainspring housing pin. Grip screws not included.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are installing Slim Grips on a frame which did not originally come equipped with them, Slim Grip Bushings and Screws will have to be installed.

Needed for Installation:

  • Slim Grip Bushings & Screws
  • 1911 Slim Bushing Bits (Regular and Slim) or, (a distant second choice) a nice big screwdriver with a wide thick blade
  • A ¼” Socket Driver for the Bushing Bits – unless you are using the distant second choice nice big screwdriver with a wide thick blade
  • #242 Blue LocTite
  • A certain level of technical skill is required to install this hardware, so, as with all firearm modifications, we suggest that you seek the services of a professional gunsmith if you have any doubts or questions.

SPECS: Machined G10 Grips Panels – 1.4 oz (40g). Fits full-size Government Model and Commander pistols.


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