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Tanfoglio Xtreme Titan Hammer


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Tanfoglio Xtreme Titan Hammer
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Tanfoglio Xtreme Titan Hammer

The Tanfoglio Xtreme Titan Hammer has been designed in cooperation with Eric Grauffel to meet the requirement of shooters. The new weight distribution permits shooters to use factory ammunitions with light hammer springs, and therefor permits to reduce the trigger pullweight, especially for Production Division. The new internal shape design permits you to improve the single action, but also by repositioning hooks, and interrupter, the double action trigger pull weight has been dramatically reduced. No matter what division you shoot, this new hammer is made for your Tanfoglio pistol. We recommend you to install your new hammer with a new sear to avoid long time installation. IPSC production legal.

Note: Hammer package does not include interrupter, hammer strut and pins. Must be ordered separately.

Important Warning: Modification to your firearm may nullify the manufacturers warranty. This product must be installed by a qualified gunsmith. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from improper installation or use of this product.


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