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Rune Tactical Canik Pro Competition Kit – Rival/S

SKU: RUNE-1820209

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Rune Tactical Canik Pro Competition Kit – Rival/S
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The Rune Tactical Canik Pro Competition Kit

This kit includes 4 springs which are designed around the Rival & Rival-S. While compatible with other TP9 series pistols – it may not be best suited for them. 

  • Trigger return spring is one of the largest if not the largest on the market allowing it to smooth straight to the break pull.
  • Safety block plunger spring is conical in shape meaning it only goes in the gun one way, which allows for easy installation. It should sit firmly in the striker block plunger. It is made out of  thinner wire to decrease the required load to compress the spring. This means if installed improperly it requires more force.
  • The 4lb striker spring is close to the original equipment striker spring in free length with a smaller wire diameter & close ratio coils. This allows for good ignition on quality primers. (Itay cause light strikes with “HARD PRIMERS”) It is recommended to be coupled with a 13lb or higher recoil spring. 
  • Finally, includes is the  Rune version of 29nm striker spring for Glk.



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