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Pro Shot Copper Solvent IV 8 oz


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Pro Shot Copper Solvent IV 8 oz
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Pro Shot Copper Solvent IV 8 oz

Pro-Shot’s Copper Solvent IV is a Superior Next Generation Formula that is made specifically for Copper and Powder fouling. It cleans while providing superior rust protection. This superior formula is used by competitive shooters, federal law enforcement, and accuracy minded shooters across the globe. With many rifle & pistol shooting championships to its credit, find out why Pro-Shots Copper Solvent IV is a superior cleaner for your bore. Copper Solvent IV is a highly effective way to clean a barrel without the harsh and toxic chemicals used in traditional bore cleaners. Pro-Shot’s proprietary formula also includes and oil for short term barrel rust and corrosion protection.

The Pro Shot synthetic formula uses positively charged ions and activated additives that have a special affinity for copper and its oxides. The positively charged ions search out the negatively charged copper and copper oxide molecules. They bond and release the copper from the surface of the bore to provide a superior clean surface without copper and powder fouling!


  • Synthetic Cleaner (Non-Ammonia) Next Generation Formula
  • Light Scent- Non-Offensive Odor
  • Uses Positive Charged Ions with Activated Additives
  • Rust & Corrosion Protection
  • Environmentally Safe Formula – No Harsh or Toxic Chemical


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