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Hit Factor Shellplate RL 550 Extra Long Bolt ONLY


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Hit Factor Shellplate RL 550  Extra Long Bolt ONLY
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Hit Factor Shellplate RL 550  Extra Long Bolt ONLY

Provides full contact of the locking set screw with the shellplate bolt. Please watch the video below to help you determine if your 550 B/C needs this bolt.

Most 550s need this bolt (extra length bolt does not fit 450).

The first picture shows the standard bolt extends about half way through the set screw opening. The second picture shows our extra length shellplate bolt completely through the opening.

Standard length shellplate polt Extra length shellplate bolt

This picture shows the dimensions of the set screw location in the example pictures above. This will help you determine if you need the extra length shellplate bolt.

Measuring Shellplate bolt set screw

Using a flexible rule to take these measurements, it can be difficult to use calipers for this measurement. If the set screw is .305″ or less from top of the ram you probably don’t need the extra length shellplate bolt. At .370″ or greater from the top of the ram, the set screw will just catch the edge of the standard length bolt or miss it, the extra length shellplate bolt will fix this condition.



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