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EGW 10050 HD Ball Head Disconnector Blue

SKU: EGW-10050

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EGW 10050 HD Ball Head Disconnector Blue
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EGW 10050 HD Ball Head Disconnector Blue

Machined from: American-made 4140 chrome molly steel hardened 48 to 49 Rc
Finish: Blued

EGW machined the top of the disconnector taller so that it does not drag on the sear pin. This is important when you are doing trigger work under 2 1/4 lbs since you can feel the slightest drag. Has an added the ball head to get rid of the click usually found on 1911 guns caused by the head moving back and forth in the frame hole. Usually gunsmiths stake the frame hole trying to minimize play in an attempt to remove the trigger click – the ball head is a better solution to this problem. They also altered the geometry of the disconnector so that it is not tripped when inserting a loaded magazine. This could cause an accidental discharge when reloading with a live round in the chamber. This alteration allows for an additional safety upgrade in your 1911. The bottom spade incorporates a small .006 corner radius so that the disconnector does not dig into the trigger bow and it improves functionality. They machine the HD Disconnector in one of our 6 made in USA Fadal Machining centers. They then go off to Vacu-Braze in Perkasie, PA for vacuum heat treat, which is less stressful than conventional heat treating. They are then sent to Universal Black Oxide to be coated.

If Out of Stock See STI Disconnector


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