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DoubleTap Sports Range Bag Large

DoubleTap Sports Range Bag Large
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DoubleTap Sports Range Bag Large

Ideal for practice and matches, our Large Range Bag offers a place for all your shooting accessories, where everything has a place. Includes a water bottle holder, magazine holders integrated in the front pocket, made from heavy nylon fabric, and good quality zippers .Also included is an inner bag, that is also padded and made from the same fabric as the outer bag. It is perfect for ammo, or any additional accessories you wish to keep in there. It fits inside the larger bag, but an be used separately. The inner bag has carry handles and the shoulder strap can also be attached.

The bag has both side carry handles, and an attachable shoulder strap, with padding at the shoulder. Our DoubleTap Sports logo is one the front embroidered in silver and gold.

We made sure it is heavily padded on the bottom, and sides, to keep your equipment safe.


  • Large Outer Bag with Shoulder Strap
  • Matching Smaller Inner Bag

Weight: 2.75 kg

Outer Dimensions: 60cm x 40cm x 30cm

SPECIAL ORDER Colours Available in Red, Blue, Pink, Purple 

Please contact us if interested in custom ordering a colour not available.


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