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DoubleTap Sports Mini Patch Gun

DoubleTap Sports Mini Patch Gun
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DoubleTap Sports Mini Patch Gun

Available In: Black, Blue, Red, Neon Green

The DTS Mini Patch Gun has been redesigned for 2021! It is a compact, handy and practical way to store and dispense your target patches. Its Snap-On cover makes reloading a new roll quick and easy, and is a great tool for applying patches to targets

Made of durable plastic. No mechanical lever. 3D Printed

Can be used with the target patch rolls we carry, fits most standards patch rolls

After range-time is over, you can toss the mini patch gun into your range bag, and you won’t have to worry about that roll of tape coming unwound or damaged.


The round shape of the Dispenser makes it particularly comfortable to hold in the support hand, using the thumb to slide the tail of the roll forward. Apply downward pressure to mini patch gun, make sure tip of patch gun is over the area you wish to cover. Pull across target  to apply patch.

Please contact us for detailed set-up instructions, if you have any difficulties.

**colours shown may vary due to change in material**

***Some brands of Patches are larger than 3.0”. You can still use them, if you first remove some of the Patchers to reduce the roll size.


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