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DED Flip Tray for SHOCKBOTTLE Case Gauge 40SW

SKU: DED-FT-SB-100-40

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DED Flip Tray for SHOCKBOTTLE Case Gauge 40SW
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Fits: 40 S&W Case Gauge 

Colour: Blue

The ultimate flip tray for the Shockbottle & XG 100 Round Ammo Case Gauge

Serious shooters understand the importance of testing their ammo before a competition. After all, most malfunctions in semi-auto pistols can be traced back to out-of-spec ammo. Unless the ammo is perfect, you can’t really expect a trouble-free match.

Flip tray to make transfers to MTM / Dillon Precision cases a breeze.

1x 100-hole flip tray, 3D Printed

Made by Dead Eye Designs in Alberta, Canada




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