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DoubleTap Sports Competition Belt BLACK

DoubleTap Sports Competition Belt BLACK
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We create our own brand of sturdy, yet affordable competition belts!

Our DTS snag-less competition belt is a three piece belt with a inner Velcro belt, an outer 3M Velcro belt, and a belt keeper/loop/safety. Specifically made to hold IPSC, USPSA, 2-Gun, 3-Gun and Multi-gun gear through intense competition, the DTS belt is stiffer than our competitors belts, and will hold your holster, rifle and pistol magazine pouches, and shotshell holders. Our outer belt features innovative 3M snag-less Velcro to prevent snags on performance shooting shirts, jerseys and accessories. The width of the belt is approximately 1.5″ and we shaved off 1/16″ to ensure our belts universally fit most belts attachment, including Double Alpha Academy, Ghost International, Blade-Tech, Black Scorpion Outdoor Gear, CR Speed & More. We have shortened the included belt keeper/loop/safety to ensure it doesn’t hang awkwardly after securing your belt, and get in the way. The keeper features our logo on a rubberized back, so you don’t have to worry about snagging embroidery. Our belts have been used in shooting competitions all over the world! In Canada, they have made an appearance at every provincial/territorial IPSC championship, IPSC Canadian Nationals, and at several IPSC World Shoots.

OUR STORY: By designing our own belts, we are able to provide customers with a high quality competition shooting belt, for an affordable price. After years of buying and trying different competition belts on the market, we were fed up and set out to make our own. The available belts were either too expensive and lacking in features, or cheap one-time wear imitation belts that would fall apart. After making a wish list of all the things we hoped to see in a belt, and listening to customer concerns about the belts in the markets, we put together a design we hope would fill a void missing in competition shooting gear.

PLEASE NOTE: Belt Fabric may not be exactly as pictured, we are in the process of changing the fabric weave. This is currently only true of most of our BLACK, RED & BLUE in our most popular sizes. Photos are included with this product description. If you would like to know which style belt is available in your preferred size and colour, please contact us or leave us a comment with your order, and we will contact you.

MEN’S SIZING NOTE: For proper sizing, take your actual pant size and increase by 2 sizes EX. 36 Pant= 40 Belt*** If you are unsure of your pant size, please measure the area “A” shown in the diagram, and add 2-4 inches for your correct sizing. WHY ADD INCHES? We recommended a 4″-6″ overlap. If you are between sizes, it is best to choose the larger size. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns, we will do our best to ensure you receive the proper size. See chart below for overall length.

LADIES SIZING NOTE: Please measure the area “B” OR “C” shown in the diagram, and add 4 inches to the measurement you have just taken for your correct sizing. Women can wear their belt at the waist – AREA “B”  OR hip – AREA “C” – in IPSC, as long as there are a minimum of 2 belt loops for you to put your inner belt through. These can be on the pants you are using, or you can sew on new belt loops. Women’s pant sizes are not equivalent to men’s sizing, so please measure yourself, using a tape measure to ensure an accurate fit. If in doubt, please contact us.

Size Chart for Competition Belts 
Belt Size Overall Length Including Overlap (Inches)
28 35.5
30 37.5
32 39.5
34 41.5
36 45
38 47
40 49
42 53
44 54
46 55
48 57
50 59
52 61.5
54 63.5
56 65.5
58 67.5
60 69.5




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