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Double Alpha Academy Mr.BulletFeeder Optimization Kit


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Double Alpha Academy Mr.BulletFeeder Optimization Kit
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The Mr.BulletFeeder Optimization Kit is a set of parts to make setting-up and changing calibers in your Mr.Bulletfeeder faster and easier than ever!

This clever kit of parts includes the following parts and features:

  • A set of 8 nose-guide spacers (with handy holder), numbered for use with over 70 popular calibers/bullet profiles. Use the included guide to select the right spacer for  your caliber and bullet profile, pop in the spacer under the nose-guide, and you will instantly have the optimum nose-guide position for that bullet!
  • Two adjustment guides for setting the correct angle of the bullet collator, for both the new and old style hangers.
  • A new and improved pistol flip-ramp which eliminates the need to adjust the ramp position when changing calibers.
  • A newly designed rifle bullet ramp, perfect for all length projectiles.
  • A set of 3 large gnarled thumb-screws to replace the original screws for the nose-guide, flip-ramp and output tube in the Mr.BulletFeeder, eliminating the need to use a tool to make adjustments.

Note: The MBF optimization kit will NOT work with Mr.Bulletfeeder PRO model. 


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