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Double Alpha Academy Mr. BulletFeeder Die Assembly Only 40 S&W


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Double Alpha Academy Mr. BulletFeeder Die Assembly Only 40 S&W
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Double Alpha Academy Mr.BulletFeeder by DAA Die Assembly Only

Calibre: 40 S&W

The Mr.BulletFeeder die assembly is the “clever” part of the Dropper, the  part that allows only one bullet to drop while retaining the rest of the stack.

Made of Anodized Aluminum, this assembly  is caliber specific and includes a threaded die body, an inner aluminum dropper tube, a nut, clip and 3 steel balls.

This assembly is the same item used for both the Mr. Bulletfeeder and the Mini Bulletfeeder by DAA.

These Die assemblies are sold separately, to enable you to set up a 2nd tool head, leaving the die correctly adjusted on each. If similar calibers are in use, such as 9mm on one toolhead and 38 on a 2nd, you can transfer the upper part of the dropper from one to the other, leaving only the die on the dedicated tool head, permanently adjusted. This will save you buying a complete new dropper for the 2nd caliber, and also mitigate the need to detach the wiring and the feed spring from the top of the dropper assembly as you switch over calibers..



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