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Cajun Gun Works Adjustable Billet Sear


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Cajun Gun Works Adjustable Billet Sear
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Cajun Gun Works Adjustable Sear 

FITS: CZ SP-01 Shadow, Shadow 2, Tactical Sport, Tactical Sport Orange, 75B, 85

Made in the USA, this part helped revolutionize CZ home gunsmithing. Allows anyone to drop in a high-performance hammer and effortlessly establish the perfect clearance between the sear nose and manual safety to ensure a safe outcome.

The heat treated SS screw has a very high thread count, which allows more surface area than needed to permanently bond the screw to the sear body.

A concept so simple and so easy to do, the setting procedure is virtually fool-proof.  Once the loctite sets, the sear becomes a one piece part with an unlimited, trouble-free life-span.  

Made from premium high carbon steel, heat treated, and mirror polished. Makes installation of the Cajun Gun Works Race hammer or the CZ Competition hammer the easiest part of the upgrade.  Only the CGW adjustable sear has a secondary angle built it, which helps ensure a crisper break compared to the factory sear.

PLEASE NOTE: When using the CGW sear in the Shadow and Tactical Sport models, a machined aluminum spacer is required.  No spacer is needed for the firing pin block model CZ’s.


  • The Cajun Gun Works adjustable sear does not “adjust” the trigger pull in any way.  The CGW adjustable sear simply eliminates the difficult and arduous task of attempting to fit the factory sear to any performance hammer.  This fitting of the factory sear should only be done by an experienced CZ gunsmith. 
  • The main goal of the CGW adjustable sear is to ensure absolute safety of the firearm by ensuring the manual safety works as intended.  Anyone can easily set the adjustable sear with the included instructions.
  • Once the loctite cures and the sear becomes a one-piece part, and it cannot be re-adjusted.  In fact, if you try to move the set screw once the loctite cures, the wrench will strip.  This is by design to ensure the sear will never lose it’s proper setting. 


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