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Armanov Ammo Checker 100 Round with Flip Cover 9×19

SKU: AR-AC-100-9MM

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Armanov Ammo Checker 100 Round with Flip Cover 9×19
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Armanov Ammo Checker is machined from highest grade aluminum, with pockets finished using a special reamer made to tight CIP tolerances specification. The height of the Gauge Box is precisely machined to the  maximum overall round length of the respective calibre and this feature helps finding rounds with insufficiently seated bullets. The 100 pockets allow you to drop the rounds in a lot faster than into ammo boxes, cutting your testing time down to less than quarter of the time. Gauge comes with free flip cover so you just flip your rounds to ammo boxes. No more double work. With this tool you can test 100 rounds in almost the same time as it takes you to put the rounds in a case box. This gauge box works best with MTM case guard boxes or newer Dillon precision ammo boxes.


Ammo Checker and Flip Tray for specified calibre, storage case

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the tool making and CNC machining process, dimensional variations of approx. 0.02 mm can occur in the making of the Ammo Checker Blocks.



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