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Vihtavuori N340 Powder 0.5kg/1lb

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Vihtavuori N340 Powder 0.5kg/1lb
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Available in: 0.5 kg Containers

Clean Burning: Vihtavuori uses only the finest of raw materials and take great pride in producing a very pure and clean burning powder which allows longer shooting sessions between cleanings. The clean-burning characteristics of our powders result in greatly reduced carbon build-up and powder fouling, ultimately giving longer barrel life.

Includes a Decoppering Agent:  After extensive testing and development, Vihtavuori has begun adding a decoppering agent to all powders. This additive deters the adhesion and build-up of copper fouling in the bore. Excessive jacket material fouling is a well-known and established cause of accuracy loss. This fouling must be removed from time to time to keep a rifle performing at its peak potential. Our new decoppering agent prevents much of this fouling from building up in the first place, greatly prolonging your shooting sessions, and extending barrel life. Read more on the decoppering agent here!

Temperature Stable: Temperature stability in powders has always been a consideration, but with the recent improvements in Long Range shooting, it has become a factor of major concern to shooters. Firing at long ranges places greater demands on ammo, equipment and the shooter himself. Enabling a shooter to meet these demands means refining the process, and eliminating those variables which reduce hit probability. The production of increasingly temperature insensitive propellants allows for greatly reduced Extreme Spreads and Standard Deviation, which translates directly to less vertical dispersion on target.

Consistency: Smokeless propellants are an organic compound of many closely monitored base materials. Every production run must be closely matched to very specific standards regarding grain geometry, chemistry and performance as compared to previous runs of that powder. This demanding process requires constant testing, verification and adjustment to ensure that each run is perfectly compatible with those before and after.

N100 powders are primarily rifle powders with different burning rates to optimize your loads.

N340: Formerly known as 3N18, the N340 is a true multipurpose powder, developed originally for 9 mm and shotshell loads. This pistol powder is one of the most popular powders in the Vihtavuori N300 series, and it can be used for a wide variety of calibers and bullet weights, making it the perfect partner for all kinds of reloading purposes. The N340 is used especially for medium and large caliber pistols and shotshells with medium and heavy loads. N340 is a tubular powder type with grain dimensions of 1,0mm length and 0,8 mm diameter. Exactly the same grain size as with powder N320, N330 and N350 – only the porosity of the powder changes. The burning rate of the N340 is at the medium scale of Vihtavuori handgun powders – and as with powder N320, with N340 extremely clean burning and no residuals is guaranteed.

Reloading Powders for Handguns/Rifles

 Powder Type  N110 N120 N130 N133 N135 N140 N150 N160 N170
 Bulk density (g/l) 800 860 870 870 870 910 910 920 960
 Energy content (J/g) 3950 3700 3750 3600 3550 3700 3750 3650 3700
 Powder Type  N310 N320 N32C N330 N340 N350 3N37 3N38 N105
 Bulk density (g/l) 560 550 420 620 620 660 720 730 730
 Energy content (J/g) 4100 4100 3050 4100 4100 4100 4100 4000 3950



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