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Springer Precision CZ 75 Dovetail Mount Burris/Venom


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Springer Precision CZ 75 Dovetail Mount Burris/Venom
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This is a one piece aluminum sight base for the CZ 75 standard dovetail pistols. It uses the rear dovetail to mount the sight to your slide. Hard anodized for a long service life, we also added polymer-tipped set screws fore and aft to our mount to make the sight mount much more stable than other designs.  Mount is ONLY compatible with the listed optics .65 oz, not including optic.  Dovetail width (front to rear) approximately .385″.

*Also fits the CZ97 and standard SP-01 NOT the SP-01 Shadow or Shadow II

*Will fit the P-01 Omega with minimal filing/fitting.

*May fit the Canik TP9, though we cannot guarantee this as your TP9 may have different dovetail cuts, such as the Glock dovetail cut.

**IMPORTANT: Due to dovetail variations, Springer Precision mounts will only work with the models listed. Compatibility with any other models or optics can not be guaranteed!


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