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Pro Shot 1Step Cloth


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Pro Shot 1Step Cloth
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1 Step CLP in a
cotton flannel cloth makes it fast and easy to wipe down gun metal. 
Excellent for the outside of your firearm, burnt powder residue, or
metal gun parts to remove fouling/residue. Cleans  fouling materials
from firearm moving parts, AR Bolt Carrier Group, and firearm exterior
metal. Protects again corrosion and 1 Step CLP is a superior synthetic
formula that will not break down under extreme temperatures or pressure.
For a true 1 Step Solution to service and preserve your firearm, use
the Pro-Shot 1 Step CLP cloth. 

*Removes Lead, Powder, Plastic, and Copper Fouling
*Rust and Corrosion Protection
*Reduces fouling build-up with continual use
*Great to use on the outside gun metal such as barrel or slide
*Excellent for use during full breakdown of firearm to wipe off dirty firearm parts
*Made with 100% Cotton Flannel- Yellow Cloth
*Size: 12” x 12” (30cm x 30cm)
*Made in USA 


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