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Blade Tech Ultimate Carry Belt Black Leather – IDPA


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Blade Tech Ultimate Carry Belt Black Leather – IDPA
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Make belts with holes a thing of the past with our ratcheting Ultimate Carry Belt. Designed with a stiff polymer core, this belt was made to handle the added weight of a firearm while sparing the bulk. The Ultimate Carry Belt can be adjusted in fine increments on the fly without having to undo the belt buckle. Keeps any size firearm right where you put it. Forget the days of having to wear a steel core leather belt that’s too stiff. Spare the bulk with no compromise.

Made with tough, water resistant materials and a ratcheting system with 1,300 lb of tensile strength, Blade Tech’s  Ultimate Carry Belt may just be the last belt you ever buy.

One Size

Fits waists from 28″ to 50″. Simply follow the provided instructions to size it to your waist for cut to fit

  • 1/4 Inch ratcheting system
  • No more size guessing
  • Easy on or off
  • Reinforced polymer teeth
  • Dual lock set screws
  • Polymer reinforced core
  • Perfect for practice or day to day wear


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