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Berry’s Pro Rotary Brass Sorter/Media Separator


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Berry’s Pro Rotary Brass Sorter/Media Separator
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Sort your brass and separate your media with the Berry’s Pro Rotary Brass Sorter/Media Separator! Calibration of the black basket allows you to change the size of the brass to be sorted. Never again will you have to hand sort an entire bucket of range brass or make a mess with a pan sorter. It carries a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA.

*As .380 and 9mm brass are the same diameter, our brass sorter will not be able to differentiate between the two*

Sorts Diameters .327″- .592″

Berry’s Pro Brass Sorter/Media Separator Instructions:

  1. Using the blue bullet on the top of the black basket, adjust the gate to the smallest caliber of brass to be sorted
  2. Pour in the mixed sizes of brass and media
  3. Close the basket and use the locking mechanism on the outside of the sifter
  4. Using the handle, spin the basket inside of the case. The smaller calibers of brass and media will sift out leaving only the largest caliber of brass inside the basket
  5. Repeat the steps by readjusting the gate to the next largest caliber until all the brass is sorted


  • Sort your mixed range brass and separate your tumbling media with one tool
  • Easy to use adjustment knob sets basket to desired size for brass sorting
  • Sorts brass diameters of .327” to .592”
  • Sizing gate closes for rotary media sifter use
  • Sliding lock holds clamshell closed for operation


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