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Axil SportEAR XP Reactor Reusable Ear Plugs

Axil SportEAR XP Reactor Reusable Ear Plugs
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SportEAR Axil XP Reactor Ear Plugs were created not only for preventing hearing loss, but for shooting and hunting, improving focus and sleep, minimizing distractions, and for controlling your overall auditory environment. These ear plugs provide a small constant amount of noise reduction, which is barely enough to take the edge off of ambient noise and background chatter. You will still be able to hear everything around you, including voices, clearly. But when a loud impulse noise occurs, the disc and mesh fitted inside the sound filter automatically react, providing a very good NRR 33 protection from noise. You can stay protected from impulse noises like gunshots, while staying in touch with your surroundings and preserving your situational awareness- all without any electronics or moving parts. XP Series Reactor Ear Plugs feature a tulip tip design with two big benefits. First, it is comfortable, with a triple flanged design made of soft silicone material that nestles comfortably inside the ear canal to create a great seal against noise. Second, when inserted properly, XP Reactor plugs are extremely low profile, for a more discreet fit. XP Reactor Earplugs aren’t just great for shooting. Bring them with you to the gym, concerts and clubs, stadium sports games, and any other loud activity. The more you can minimize your nois exposure now, the longer and better you will be able to hear in the future. Here’s to better hearing.

Included: Keychain Friendly Aluminum Carrying Tube

Available in Orange and Smoke Gray



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