*Prices are subject to change without notice* Please Keep this in mind when placing SPECIAL/CUSTOM orders*
Over the past two weeks the Canadian dollar has seen a significant devaluation. We have been monitoring the dollar closely, hoping for it to rebound but thus far we have seen no relief. Short term forecasts project the Canadian dollar to remain around the current rate and we have no choice but to make an adjustment to our pricing.
Effective immediately, on our regular business, we will be increasing pricing on all US dollar vendors to reflect the current market conditions.
Effective March 24th, we will be adjusting all open back orders for US dollar vendors to reflect the current exchange rate.
In addition to the exchange rate adjustments, we are also receiving cost increases from European Suppliers and Transporation Companies effective on all shipments. Some of which we will need to pass along in in both daily pricing and revised show pricing.
Some things to consider:
    •If you would like to see the impact of these changes on your open orders, please contact us.
    •If you would like to cancel any of your back orders, not YET it transit, please contact a customer service representative to discuss the details. Customer service can be reached at 1-888-901-8110.
Thank you very much for your understanding in this very difficult and unpredictable market. We appreciate your business and will continue to monitor this situation closely and keep you informed.
DoubleTap Sports Inc.